Someone took a loan for me – what to do?



As you probably know, financial problems are something that is talked about relatively often. After all, this has a significant impact on the popularity of loan companies. However, we will not focus on loans – we will consider credit.
You may also be tempted to state that credit and loans are the most popular ways to overcome financial problems.

Returning to the loan – we will not focus on credit as a rescue – credit is also a chance to extort money (assuming impersonation).

Credit for my details


Suppose you have fallen victim to a cheater – what should you do in this situation? The answer is very important, but the reason is even more important. Anyway, the question immediately arose, how could it happen that someone took a loan for my data? It seems that the most common case is a phishing loan using a stolen ID card.

Do you also care about other situations? It is definitely worth paying attention to job offers. It may not sound strange, but these are the facts and the facts are not discussed.

As for details, some ads are characterized by the need to send a scan or photocopy of the ID card (it should also be noted that this necessity is justified by data verification).

What to do in that case?


You ask yourself, how can you protect yourself against cheaters? It is difficult to answer this question because new ways cannot be ruled out – scammers can be really creative.
Hence, there is only one piece of advice – attention to all details, whatever you say, awareness is the most important thing.

Suppose, however, that the problem has already occurred, if the problem has occurred, you need to tackle the fight. There is nothing to hide that some problems may arise. It is also important to remember that the situation is uneven.
Take for example the submission of a report regarding the disappearance of an ID card, such a report is very important – a police certificate should do the trick and the bank should stop harassing you.

If you do not have such a certificate, think about writing a reference to the bank, but do not count that an appeal is enough.
Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out that the case will have its final result in court (it is also worth adding that preventing the writ of execution is of great importance).

If you sum up all that is in the text, there can be only one conclusion – it is better to counteract the problem than to fight the problem.

Don’t underestimate the threat


Finally, it is worth referring to the fact that under no circumstances should you underestimate the threat. As for the specifics, sometimes people think that the problems will always affect other people (or at least one can make such a statement).

Let’s assume that evidence was lost – what to do in this case? First of all, it must be emphasized that proof does not have to be used, but one should still act. Simply put – it is a visit to the commune office (notification of loss of proof) and stipulation of proof at the bank.

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