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As you know, caring for financial opportunities requires having to pay attention to various topics. A great example is even prolongation and it is prolongation that will be the subject of this text.

It is also worth asking yourself immediately, do you know what is meant by prolongation? It is possible that many people do not know what’s going on.

What is prolongation?


Let’s start by defining the subject of the text. Prolongata is (in a nutshell) and extension or postponement of a term. Prolongata can take place even in the case of a bank loan and we will tell you later about such a prolongation.

You also have to say about when the extension takes place (because it is something that you can undoubtedly support). In short, an extension can take place in various circumstances. You can also immediately add that the best solution is to read the contract carefully. By the way, getting acquainted with the contract is always a must.

Do you care about any example? An example is even a fixed-term contract, which at some point can become an indefinite contract.

Credit Prolongate

Credit Prolongate

As has been said before, it’s time to focus on extending your loan. After all, credit is a topic that is raised relatively often (and therefore it can be the same with a loan extension).
Of course, you can go back to what was included in the definition – prolongation is to extend the repayment period. However, you need to approach the subject in a little more detail. It is enough to mention that the postponement of the deadline may apply to repayment of part of the loan (in other words – it does not have to be about the whole loan).

Someone may ask, what are the effects of prolongation? There is no denying that this is a matter to stop. It so happens that the use of prolongation may mean an increase in installments (installments following the extension) or the need to make a payment.

It can also be noted that the significance of the extension is twofold – on the one hand, the extension is an extension of the repayment period, while on the other hand, it is a suspension of installments.
It is also worth mentioning the conclusion of a prolongation. Prolongata is concluded in the form of an annex to the loan agreement. In addition, it is necessary for the borrower to submit an application.

What else is worth knowing?

What else is worth knowing?

Are you wondering if there are any external legal regulations? If so, you can say that your feelings are very good. More specifically, you must familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
Are you interested in internal supervision?

Documents containing regulations? In this situation, there is only one solution – get to know the bank as soon as possible. Of course, this is the bank where you want to take a loan (or the bank where the loan has already been taken).
As you probably guessed, each bank operates according to its own rules.

Is that all? There are certainly some things to address, but let’s stop at what is in the text. The purpose of the text was to present information related to the prolongation and this goal was achieved.

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