Credit: Problems with lending because of Credit bureau?


A negative credit report can lead to problems when granting credit. It is therefore important to know what causes the negative entries and what you can do about them . for more.

It is Credit bureau’s job to collect credit-relevant information about consumers and to disclose it under certain conditions.

Contrary to most expectations, the information collected is not job, asset, income, or marital status information. Instead, the following data is saved:

  • Bank accounts
  • Installment payments
  • Credit cards
  • Loans and guarantees
  • Leases
  • Cellular accounts
  • Mail order accounts
  • Defaults on warnings and undisputed claims

Common causes of negative entries

Common causes of negative entries

Defaults are saved as negative entries at Credit bureau. If such an entry becomes known when applying for a loan, the bank believes that this indicates poor payment behavior or inadequate solvency . For reasons of self-protection and risk protection, there is usually no loan in such cases.

Pay off debts and request deletion of entries

Pay off debts and request deletion of entries

The problems with the Credit bureau can be eliminated in different ways. Above all, the goal of the consumer should be to restore his solvency by paying the open bills. So pay off his debts. However, it should be noted that debts that have already led to negative entries are only deleted from the file three years after payment. Under certain conditions, it is also possible to request early deletion . To do this, receipts or other receipts for the payment must be sent to Credit bureau.

If it is not possible to pay due to excessive debts, it is advisable to contact appropriate help points and to benefit from the experience and competence of individual consultations. An effective advice center would be the local debt advice, which is provided by Lite lender associations. Debt counseling is provided free of charge at the agencies mentioned. Self-employed debt advisers, advisory associations or lawyers are further options, but they charge fees and thus further increase debts.

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